hutton parish council

Hutton in Bloom win GOLD!

Submitted on 06 October 2017

·         HIB GOLD (the team are very proud and so they should be as they have done a great job this year)

·         Joint Winners of the Sargent Trophy (cup) which we share with Truro (WOW, we beat big towns and villages to get this award) The award is a massive big thank you to all the team, sponsors and villagers who have helped us to get this cup. The wording is “For outstanding effort and dedication from a main entry”.

·         It’s Your Neighbourhood, awards are

o   Des Phippen Park award was Level 4 Thriving

o   St Mary’s Church Garden award was Level 3 Advancing

o   St Mary’s Close award was Level 4 Thriving

All great results. The 2017 gold flag will be flying above the village hall again this year.